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Law of attraction success story: “My sales will surpass my expectations”

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Guest contributor: Chris at Wisdom and Life and Chris writes about the law of attraction, faith, spirituality and wisdom and is a very beautiful wordsmith.

A few weekends back, I exhibited my photography at a craft show. I knew that most people who attend the shows do so mostly for enjoyment and exposure, but the money isn’t great. Most of them don’t even make back the cost of their spot at the show. So, I decided that this time I was going to do an affirmation about it. I said:

“My sales will surpass what I paid for my spot.”

The results, for me, were impressive. I sold over $100 worth of my work. The spot only cost me $40.

Just another little reminder about the power of our thoughts.

After the show was over, I walked around and asked how others had done. Most of them said they hadn’t done well.

People have the money to spend. But you just have to project the right attitude. Obviously, we know the secret.

And the secret is that there isn’t a secret. It’s just a matter of making a choice.



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