Spirituality Memoirs

You’re Getting Closer: One Year of Finding God and a Few Good Friends

book - you're getting closer - cover - front - smalljpgMollie Player is just a regular person—not someone who’s particularly cut out for enlightenment. However, she thinks that regular people like her can still attempt such a feat. After all, how hard can it be?

And so, one fine January first, Player decides to conduct a year-long two-part experiment. The first part of the experiment is to finally find a few best friends. The second part is to learn how to do something which the Apostle Paul advises in the Bible and which she has always wanted to try.

She decides to pray without ceasing—to communicate continuously with the Divine.

The results: You’re Getting Closer: One Year of Finding God and a Few Good Friends—and all the unexpected experiences detailed therein.

Exploring the nature of enlightenment, the value of friendship and the never-ending quest for more, Player’s easy-to-read, humorous voice is at its no-holds-barred best in this first-in-series exploration that readers of Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love will no doubt appreciate.

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The Power of Acceptance: One Year of Mindfulness and Meditation

The Power of Acceptance: A Spirtuality Memoir by Mollie Player

For a day, a week, even a month at a time, she had the feeling continuously. She had it while she read, while she drove, while she ate, and while she played with her child. Which is why each time the feeling left, it was a great disappointment.

It was the feeling of connection with the Divine, and Mollie Player wanted to hold on to it forever. But how?

What was the key to continuous meditation?

Following You’re Getting Closer: One Year of Finding God and a Few Good Friends, The Power of Acceptance is her answer to that question. In this year-long journal she shares her attempt to do a sitting meditation each day, then remain in the state of meditation as much as possible after that.
Featuring interviews on meditation from long-time practitioners, The Power of Acceptance isn’t a meditation prescription, but rather a personal story of one woman’s spiritual struggles . . . and breakthroughs.

What I Learned from Jane

cover - what i learned from jane“And I have no other explanation for how it feels to have given birth to a person and then spent a few days with them before letting them go other than that:

“It feels like being a mother probably feels every day.

“It felt like being a mother.”

What I Learned from Jane is the true story of how a child born with severe brain damage changed her mother’s life.

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Happiness is the Truth: A Spiritual Manifesto
cover - happiness is the truth

“Suffice it to say that I believe in love, and I believe in eternity, and I believe in spirits and in the big mystery that is what we call God. And I believe that in the end, it is not prayer that makes us holy, or good deeds, or believing a particular thing. I believe that the purpose of life and the way to be holy is this:

“You do what makes you happy.”

Mollie Player is one of those people that basically lives for her spirituality—even if she isn’t always perfect at it. In Happiness is the Truth: A Spiritual Manifesto, she shares her very personal seven-part spiritual mission statement–in the chatty style of a very good friend. Written in careful yet approachable prose, the chapters include “Spirituality is good,” “Life is a game,” “There are no rules,” “Absolutes are fine. Certainty is not,” “People are holy,” “We have power,” and, finally, “Happiness is the truth.”

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Self-Help Books

The Naked House: Five Principles for a More Peaceful Home

cover - the naked house - smallThe solution is almost always fewer things. That’s the Naked House philosophy in a nutshell, though the importance of top-notch organization (“a place for everything and everything in its place”), design unity, cleanliness and quality round out this book’s description of the most desirable, peaceful home in which to live. With a tongue-in-cheek, personal style, The Naked House is an inspiring but not-too-serious primer on cleaning, organizing and reducing clutter—and on changing the way you view the purpose and soul of your home.

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 The Emergency Diet: The Somewhat Hard, Very Controversial, Totally Unheard Of and Fastest Possible Way to Lose Weight

cover - the emergency diet“I admit it: Being skinny makes me happy.

“Really, really happy.

“And not just being skinny—but feeling skinny, too.

“That’s the best part.

“For a very long time, I didn’t feel this way—or rarely did I feel this way. Now, I feel it every single day. I wake up in the morning knowing that I can wash my hair and put on a nice outfit and when I look in the mirror (especially when I stand up straight), I won’t think ‘Just ten pounds, and I’ll look good,’ as I did for so long.

“No. I know that when I look at myself, I’ll think something like this instead:

“‘When did I get so hot?’

“Being thin is a very good feeling, and I really do recommend it.”

The Emergency Diet: The Somewhat Hard, Very Controversial, Totally Unheard Of and Fastest Possible Way to Lose Weight, is exactly what it sounds like: a detailed, step-by-step description of the fastest weight loss method there is in a personal, conversational narrative.

Its chapters include: “How does the Emergency Diet work?”, “What are the health benefits?”, “Sample eating schedules,” “Sample menus,” “How much weight will I lose?”, “How can I speed up my weight loss?”, “Why quick weight loss?” and more.

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Other Works

Medium Rare: A Screenplay
cover - medium rare

“NELL:    And they say college doesn’t prepare you for the real world.

“RYAN:    Yeah.

“NELL:     I wish it didn’t.

“RYAN:    What a disappointment.”

The time: the fall of 1994. The place: a normal-looking community college campus in a medium-sized city, which is nevertheless populated with some truly quirky individuals. It is here that two college students decide to explore the meaning of life, and to peruse the nature of their relationship as well.

What they discover about what life is and what life is about is surprising, humorous and completely profound.

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On The Bus
cover - on the bus

“They told me you did nothing

unusual the day that I
left. You moved like you
always do through the
long slow heat of a
summer afternoon.

But that day I waited for the
bus, watching the
cars pass by, and I waited for a
discarded styrofoam cup to finally
crush under a passing wheel or
blow away”

On The Bus is a book of short poems about sex, love and loneliness.

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The Mollie Player Gift Set

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