Blog: The Ordinary Mystic

The Ordinary Mystic is a blog by author Mollie Player, who writes about how being spiritual makes her otherwise ordinary life suddenly . . . well, mystical.

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The Ordinary Mystic

It’s a great time to be a mystic. Here, personal anecdotes on meditation, mysticism and other New Agey stuff.

Best Books for Mystics

Here, exactly what it sounds like: lists of the spirituality books I love, plus notes on many of these books. An extensive, ongoing collection.

Best Nonfiction Books

Nonfiction isn’t a drag anymore; it’s an indulgence. It’s the stuff you won’t be able to help mentioning over dinner. The stuff that gives you and your partner something to talk about besides the kids. The stuff your friends should’ve already told you about, but didn’t.

The stuff, in short, that inspires.

Here, my notes on the best–most insightful, educational, and entertaining–nonfiction I’ve read.

The Rest

Over the years, I’ve written a lot of random stuff on my blog. But most of the posts in this category are ebook giveaways and other book promotions.