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Which Spiritual Practices are Best for Overcoming Depression?

There are thousands of spiritual techniques for overcoming depression and increasing inner peace. Only one blog talks about whether or not they work. Here, I test the advice of well-known spiritual teachers, describing (and rating!) my results.

What Advice Do Spirituality Authors Give for Dealing with Depression?

When it comes to depression, good advice is often underrated and tough questions are often overlooked. Here, interviews with New Age authors and other mystics offering practical, been-there-done-that tips on spiritual practice, depression and more.

What are the Best Spirituality Books for Overcoming Depression?

It’s a great time to be a mystic. So many teachers, so many books. Here, comprehensive lists of the best New Age spirituality books for overcoming depression, organized by category. Each book is rated on a scale of 1-10 for effectiveness. An extensive, ongoing project.

Is It Possible to Overcome Depression through Spiritual Practice?

It worked for them. Maybe it’ll work for you, too. Here, true stories of people who’ve achieved their goals through spiritual practice, including some who have overcome depression.

What Else Interests You, Mollie Player?

The answer to that question is: a lot. Here’s a bit of it.