150 Life Hacks for Getting Suddenly Awesome

Self-improvement tips for the self-obsessed (like me): that’s pretty much what you’ll find here.

Though in this blog I normally share success stories about overcoming depression through spiritual practice, I realize that spirituality isn’t the only thing that can make you happier.

Here’s a list of all of the quick, simple and, above all, practical tips (in other words, life hacks) I’ve offered on this blog so far. Some are spiritual, some are secular, some are well-known and some are a bit kooky … but, in my experience, all of them work. At least, they work to some degree. (Even the kooky ones.)

Hopefully you find something helpful here.

150 Life Hacks for Getting Suddenly Awesome

The Spiritual Stuff:

Get a Mantra

Get a Religion

Get a Religion, Part Two

Know Your Own Strength

Know That You Are Holy

Don’t Define Your Morality Too Strictly

Repeat Good Stuff Over and Over in Your Head

Be Spiritual

Pray the Right Way

Believe That It’s Already True

Read About God

The Shallow Stuff:


Go Outside

Have Nice Friends

Sometimes, Just a Shower Will Help

Buy New Clothes

Get an Addiction

Play Video Games

Drink Caffeine

Cut Your Hair


Get What You Want

Get a Job

Get a Job, Part Two

Get Smart

Smell Good

Get Some Money

Live in Seattle

Travel, Even If You Don’t Want To

Learn to Love Twitter

Shop for Friends

Get Some Friends

Get a Hobby

Don’t Be a Drag

The Serious Stuff:

Be a Little Miss Goody-Two-Shoes

Lose Your Shirt

Don’t Try to Be a Cute Waitress

Forget Your Memories

Don’t Steal (Yeah, You)

Make Work a Game

Don’t Let Your Brain Fool You into Being Unhappy

Don’t Get Physical

Get Happy Books

Feel Things Deeply

Choose Your Identity Carefully

Don’t Assume You Need Anything Until You’ve Proven It

Get Some Perspective

Happiness Is Not a State of Mind

Tell Yourself the Truth

Tell Yourself the Truth, Part Two

Find Out Who You Are and Do It on Purpose

Know That It’s Not Just You

Be an Adult; Get Things Done

Stop the Little Sadness Before It Gets Too Big

Be Sad

Sometimes, Just Give Yourself a BreakRead Perspective-changers

Throw Out the Blueprint

Get a Happy Ending

Don’t Get Bored

Screw Variety. Take the Sure Thing Instead

A Time to Try and a Time to Just Let It Happen

Know That Life is a Game

Life is a Game; Play It On Purpose

Give Advice the Right Way


Be as Intellectually Flexible as You Can Be


Try, Part Two

Don’t Expect Too Much

Sometimes, Be Totally Passionate

Read Great Books

Do What You Want to Do, And Nothing Else

Don’t Make the Fundamental Attribution Error

Be Awesome

Don’t Hate Optimists

Take Medication

Let People Go That Are Gone

Think Deeply and Be Alive

You Can Be Whatever You Want to Be

You’re Really Good Enough

Beware of Middle Age

Beware of Middle Age, Part Two

The Surprising Stuff:

Don’t Have Willpower

Pretend to Be Good

You’re Less Selfish Than You Think

Sometimes, Be Embarrassed

Figure Out Whose Fault It Is

Sometimes, Get Ahead of Yourself

Learn to Love Rejection

You’re More Negative Than You Think

Don’t Be a Good Person

Get in the Flow

Don’t Get What You Want

Don’t Feel

Don’t Try to Feel Good

Don’t Feel Guilty for Being Human

Don’t Help People

Don’t Do Good Deeds

Be a Loner

Do What You’re Afraid To Do

You Are Weaker Than You Think

Be Normal

Don’t Know Yourself

Be Shocking

You Don’t Have to Love Everyone the Same, But You Might Have to Pretend To

Don’t Try to Be Happy

Sometimes, Be Detatched

Don’t Think Too Hard

Decide That You’re Wrong

Be Better Than Other People

Get Divorced

Failure Doesn’t Matter

Lower Your Standards

Lower Your Standards, Part Two

Spend Money When You’re Happy; Save It When You’re Down

Be Your Own Man

Tell Yourself Lies

Make Unreasonable Goals

It’s Okay To Be Sad

It Is So Good To Be Free

It’s Okay to Be Strange

It’s Okay to Be Strange, Part Two

The Love Stuff:

Being Alone Is Good

Being Alone Is Good, Part Two

Cheat on Your Significant Other, But Pick Up Your Socks

Don’t Worry and Don’t Make Babies

Fall in Love

Fall in Love, Part Two

Don’t Get Mad

Don’t Fight

Don’t Fight, Part Two

Find Someone You Never Lie To

Sometimes, You Have to Look for Love

Expect Change

Develop a System That Works

When You’re Struggling, Admit It

Apologies are Amazing

Don’t Be Like Other People

If He’s Not Your Best Friend, You Have No Chance

It’s Wrong to Get Annoyed

Love Is a Form of Worship

Always Remember How Lucky You Are

Say Out Loud What You Need

Even Atheists Are Kind

It’s Okay to Want What You Don’t Have

Being Married Is Nice . . . But Make Sure You Marry Someone Nice

Love Is Just a Feeling

It’s Okay to Have Fun

Don’t Fall in Love with Your Brother

When It’s True Love, You Have to Turn the Car Around

Always Remember How Lucky You Are

Friendship Is Number One

Love Is Not Art

Don’t Want Too Much

Don’t Settle for Eyes That Don’t Glow

Love Is All You Need—Sort Of

Your Instincts Are Probably Right


Finally, it happened. After ten years thinking about it, I attempted, as the Apostle Paul once wrote, to “pray without ceasing”–to communicate in an ongoing way with the Divine.

Interested in my results?

Get You’re Getting Closer: One Year of Finding God and a Few Good Friends on Amazon. It’s free.


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  1. I, too, have fought depression. I see. To have won, about 2 years now. If you are female, enjoy being a girl- even at 73. Get one of the 5 drawer, plastic cabinets on wheels. Make sure you have your space, bedroom for me, fixed with all things joy. Lg screen TV, Smart Phone or laptop, shop Amazon for a line of beauty products for everything from your feet, teeth, hair and especially skin. Stop coloring your hair or cutting it for natural hair that is who you are. Pamper your complexion with your own facial that, after trials, you love most. Do your nails a very light, pink natural or if you love color, go for it. Always, but and wear sexy shoes. If age prevents heels, get strappy low wedgies, toes and heels out, top & sides out some too. Work on your feet until they are soft, slender and beauties. Explore buying jewelry, at my age, I have bought magnets, for necklaces, and it takes only a second to put on a fine chain with a Tahitian single Pearl, I have lots of beautiful jewelry but none of it is expensive, just makes you feel lovely. If you can, order some new clothes from Macy’s, especially night gowns and silky things that feel good on your skin. Take beautiful care of who you want to be, inside even more than out. Keep a cheap spiral notebook, and yes, must be hand written, no technology. Keep a dated, running list of everything you see, hear or otherwise come into contact with that, after giving it some thought you think it might make you happy justthought, you think it might make you happy – just seeing it or noticing it in some way. Every day, try to find smaller things to be happy about. I liked the cracks in my driveway because they were familiar and meant that I was home. Writing it is important because your hand writing comes from inside you. These things have helped me after the death of my husband, who I dearly loved. Good luck with depression,

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