Best Spirituality Book for Depression: “The Art of Self-Love” by Jeannette Maw

Best Spiritual Book for Depression: The Art of Self-Love: Your Essential Key to Successful Manifesting, Jeannette Maw

Can this book help me overcome depression?


Does it address depression specifically?


What does it say that can help?

Here is the book description on Amazon:

Wondering if Universe lost your wish list?

If it feels like you’re overdue for dreams coming true, you should know the goods may actually be waiting on YOU! Find out if you’re missing the single most important key to successful manifesting …

* Has your unmanifested vision board been up so long it’s getting dusty?
* Are you tired of repeating the same intentions over and over with no success?
* Do you sometimes wonder whether this Law of Attraction stuff is a bunch of hooey?

The truth is .. the solution to getting what you want may be way more simple than you think. What is that missing ingredient so many of us don’t practice?

We’re talking about self-love. Appreciation for your Self. Liking who you are. Enjoying You.

When love and appreciation for your Self aren’t flowing, you’re out of sync with what you want. And we know vibrational alignment is required in order to get what we want … because of that whole “like attracts like” thing.

You can’t feel disdain or contempt or unworthiness for your Self and expect Universe to deliver the goods. Universe can only match your vibration.

If you put yourself at the bottom of your to-do list every day, Universe can only follow suit.

Which may be what keeps you from all the good things and experiences you’ve been wanting.

So it turns out the Beatles had it right: All we need is Love.

Which many of us believe we’ve got a good handle on, but if your manifestations are slow in appearing, love for your Self is the first place you want to check out.

How easy is it to remedy missing self-love? It’s simple. You can start practicing it today and trust me, you will notice a difference in your manifestations!

Many of us feel challenged when it comes to this self-love thing. We haven’t been taught that it’s important, or even HOW to be good to ourselves!

This book will help catapult your self-love practice, creating much higher alignment with your biggest dreams and desires.

Where can I find it?

The Art of Self-Love on Amazon

The Art of Self-Love on Goodreads

Jeannette Maw’s Official Website

Jeannette Maw on Facebook

Jeannette Maw’s Smashwords Biography


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