Best Spirituality Book for Depression: “Money Mojo Magic” by Jeannette Maw

Best Spiritual Book for Depression: Money Mojo Magic, Jeannette Maw

Can this book help me overcome depression?

No. It’s not meant for that purpose. I include it here in order to provide readers with a comprehensive list of law of attraction books–and because Maw is a good writer.

What does it say that can help?

Here is the book description on Amazon:

Ready to amp up your money manifesting powers? This ebook shares the ins and outs of lining up your money vibe for financial wealth.

Most of us were taught that money is a limited and scarce commodity we have to figure out how to earn, and that we better be careful with, because it’s an “easy come, easy go” affair.

The truth is that money is just energy. And the more exciting truth is that each of us has the power to manage energy and create what ever we focus on! If you’ve never learned how to flex that power, I say your time has come!

Learning how to manage your money energy puts you in the power seat for dictating what your financial experience will be.

This isn’t even new information, and you certainly won’t be the first one using it.

Plenty of deliberate creators are already proving their mastery over money. They’re showing that money can be fun, fast, easy, effortless, natural, enjoyable and limitless … what ever they choose it to be.

How would you like to choose what your financial situation is? What would you choose?

This is your chance to exercise your creative power.

If you don’t already know what’s possible, or you don’t know how to flex those manifesting muscles you were born with, Money Mojo Magic can help.

Where can I find it?

Money Mojo Magic on Amazon

Money Mojo Magic on Goodreads

Jeannette Maw’s Official Website

Jeannette Maw on Facebook

Jeannette Maw’s Smashwords Biography


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