Best Spirituality Book for Depression: “Manifesting Made Simple” by Jeannette Maw

Best Spiritual Book for Depression: Manifesting Made Simple, Jeannette Maw

Can this book help me overcome depression?

Possibly. In a roundabout way.

Does it address depression specifically?


What does it say that can help?

Here is the book description on Amazon:

Get What You Want Using the Law of Attraction

There is an art to getting what we want.

Sometimes it seems like tough business, especially if you’re not savvy about how the system works. Those who aren’t familiar with the role of energy in the manifestation of our daily lives often struggle using the “action” approach – trying to get it all done and make it all happen themselves.

Those of us who have lived that struggle know that it can be an exhausting – not to mention unreliable – route.

Even those of us who understand that everything is energy and that energy vibrates, attracting like vibrations to ourselves occasionally scratch our heads wondering why we’re not getting the results we want.

This book is for you. For those who know there’s a better way to create a life they love, and would like some clear instruction and powerful inspiration about how to do that.

There’s a lot of material out there about the law of attraction and how to use it to get what you want.

Some of that information is complicated, some of it is incomplete, and some of it is conflicting.

This book is intended to clarify and simplify the concepts of deliberate creation so you can experience easy manifesting. For real.

What I share here is based on my years of experience as a Law of Attraction coach and a long time student of these principles. I’m still on the learning curve myself, and appreciate the excellent company of fellow creators on this amazing journey!

Where can I find it?

Manifesting Made Simple on Amazon

Manifesting Made Simple on Goodreads

Jeannette Maw’s Official Website

Jeannette Maw on Facebook

Jeannette Maw’s Smashwords Biography


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