Best Spirituality Book for Depression: “Adventures In Manifesting” by Jeannette Maw

Best Spiritual Book for Depression: Adventures In Manifesting, Jeannette Maw

Can this book help me overcome depression?

Possibly. In a roundabout way.

Does it address depression specifically?


What does it say that can help?

Here is the book description on Amazon:

Favorite Law of Attraction Stories from the Good Vibe Coach

Ready to be inspired by true manifesting stories?

I know many of you are, because as a Law of Attraction Coach I regularly receive your requests for real life examples about manifesting romance, professional success, etc.

Which isn’t surprising you would want that … stories are a great way to learn the ins and outs of anything, let alone the challenges of deliberate creation!

Yes, theories are instructive and formulas can be helpful.

But the stories are what we remember and are inspired by! Stories, especially true ones, bring abstract principles to life, and allows us to connect the dots and have “aha” moments. Stories light us up and give us reason to believe in our own dreams and desires. Not to mention, real world stories offer a proven template for how to do it ourselves!

So to that end and by popular request, I’ve compiled my favorite personal law of attraction experiences to highlight the how-to’s of my successful manifestations. (And a few not-so-successful manifestations.)

Where can I find it?

Adventures In Manifesting on Amazon

Adventures In Manifesting on Goodreads

Jeannette Maw’s Official Website

Jeannette Maw on Facebook

Jeannette Maw’s Smashwords Biography


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