Best Spirituality Book for Depression: “299 ‘LIFE INSIGHTS’ from The Wizard” by Frederick Zappone

Best Spirituality Book for Depression: 299 ‘LIFE INSIGHTS’ from The Wizard: Inspiring, Empowering, Thought Provoking, Frederick Zappone

Can this book help me overcome depression?


Does it address depression specifically?


What is it about?

Here’s the book description from Amazon:

There is a WIZARD who lives inside my head. He has lived there all of my life. I call him the Wizard because that is the only explanation I have for the ‘life saving thoughts’ that MAGICALLY appeared in my head when I needed them the most. These thoughts allowed me to solve every problem life threw my way from money and health to relationship problems.

The insights in my book are all original. Most of them will ring true for you, some will not. There will be others that will have such a powerful impact on your thinking that they will change your life for the better, forever.


When you need guidance, an answer or feel the need to be inspired or empowered in some way, trust your intuition in the matter. Randomly pick a page in my book and point to an insight on that page. What you randomly select will be the wisdom, guidance or answer you seek. It will be a SIGN that you are headed in the right direction, on your way to making all of your most heartfelt dreams come true.

To what degree do you think it can help me overcome depression?

I haven’t read it … yet. When I do, I will update this section.

Where can I find out more about this book?

299 ‘LIFE INSIGHTS’ from The Wizard: Inspiring, Empowering, Thought Provoking on Amazon

Frederick Zappone ’s Official Website


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