Spiritual Practice Success Story: “I paid off my mortgage in under ten years”

Contributor: Mollie Player

On a cold Friday the 13th in January over a decade ago, I signed the mortgage agreement for my first home. And I wasn’t scared about it at all. Though I wasn’t exactly rich–I’d decided that waiting tables was my true calling, at least for a while–I believed that by saving every dollar I could and paying at least a little ahead on the mortgage each month, I just might be able to pay off the house in ten years. With that goal in mind, I took in renters and saved every dollar I could. I didn’t drive a car, for instance. And sometimes I even passed up the bus, deciding it wasn’t worth that $1 fee.

Five years later, I was nowhere close to my goal, but I didn’t worry about that–I just kept making payments. Something in me told me that it would all work out as it should.

I married my first husband, and worked as much as I could, using most of my earnings for the house. Then I divorced and married David, which gave me another big edge. Still, the goal was pretty far away. Then the year before having my second child, I got a great job at Microsoft, and started paying in big chunks. Finally, the day came when my husband gave me the approval to take the twenty grand out of our savings account and pay our very last installment.

In the February nine years after signing the mortgage, I made the final payment on the house–nearly one year ahead of schedule.

I believe in hard work. And planning, and being careful with money. But I also believe in the power of setting an clearly defined intention.


Finally, it happened. After ten years thinking about it, I attempted, as the Apostle Paul once wrote, to “pray without ceasing”–to communicate in an ongoing way with the Divine.

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  1. Mollie,
    You are a true inspiration to me. I use the Law of Attraction consciously many times for little things. However, often, I see some big things happen because I was unconsciously using it as well. The most positive things happen when you use the law consciously, as with your house. I have had a terrible stroke, yet I feel wonderful a great deal, and I know that God is watching over my life, in big part because He gave me the L of A to use to help me through my life.

  2. Yes! Although actually the subconscious beliefs are much more powerful, more effective i think. Mantras, specific desires are hit and miss for me… Have you read Byron Katie?

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