Best book for mystics: “Sex, Drugs and Meditation” by Mary-Lou Stephens


New Age books (books on mysticism, Eastern philosophy, channelling, meditation and the like) are hard to categorize and even harder to evaluate. Here, a few notes on one of my absolute recommend-it-to-anyone favorites. (Find more recommendations off to the right under “Best New Age Books.”)

This week’s best New Age book: Sex, Drugs and Meditation: How One Woman Changed Her Life, Saved Her Job and Found a Husband by Mary-Lou Stephens

This best New Age book’s particular appeal:

Ah, how I love a good memoir. Particularly one on the topic of spirituality. There’s just something about knowing that every harrowing, nauseating, triumphant moment described in the book actually happened that is so satisfying as a reader.

This best New Age book’s essence:

Once upon a time, Mary-Lou Stephens wasn’t the spiritually aware woman she is today. She was a hard-partying codependent rock star. Here’s the story of her first (difficult!) ten-day meditation retreat, all the stuff that got her there . . . and how it changed her life completely.

This best New Age book’s outline and highlights:

A few of my favorite parts of the book are:

  • When Mary-Lou discusses the role of meditation: “My roaming mind becomes more productive and comes up with a piece of true brilliance. Vipassana is a technique for the overcoming of craving. It teaches us to observe craving without reacting.”
  • When Mary-Lou describes a true law of attraction success story about finding her calling–her long and distinguished career in radio. A quote: “Within a week of discovering my true vocation I was being offered a gig on air. Another sign. A miracle! I said yes.”
  • When Mary-Lou describes an awesome meditation experience, the kind all of us meditators are looking for: “I keep breathing and observing sensations. As the heat and pain build within my body the strangest thing happens. Energy courses along the routes I’ve been mapping with my mind, from the top of my head to the tips of my toes. I feel as though I’m sitting under a gushing tap. It’s extraordinary and overpowering. The force almost knocks me sideways. I’ve never felt the power of the energy in my body like this before. It pours through my skin, wave after wave starting in my scalp, running through my arms, body and legs, down through my toes. A constant stream of sensations that I have access to for the very first time. Perhaps this is it, the mystery of Vipassana.

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