Best book for mystics: “Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl” by Carrie Brownstein

best nonfiction book - guitar

Best nonfiction book: Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl: A Memoir  
Best nonfiction author: Carrie Brownstein

Book summary writer: Mollie Player

The particular appeal of this best nonfiction book:

I’m no indie band afficianado. Or feminist. But I like Carrie Brownstein’s style, her ability to philosophize in a succinct way. Fans of Chuck Klosterman, take note.

The essence of this best nonfiction book:

This book follows the career of the author, a well-regarded musician.

Notable quotes from this best nonfiction book:

  • My story starts with me as a fan. And to be a fan is to know that loving trumps being beloved.
  • It was about knowing you were going to be underestimated by everyone and then punishing them for those very thoughts.
  • They were like really loud librarians. And as the audience, you better shut the hell up because you’re in the library of rock right now.
  • My entire style of playing was built around somebody else playing guitar with me, a story that on its own sounds unfinished, a sonic to-be-continued, designed to be completed by someone else.
  • The more comfortable you get, the more money you earn, the more successful you are, the harder it is to create situations where you have to prove yourself and make yourself not just want it, but need it. The stakes should always feel high.
  • Laura had dimples and an infectious, conspiratorial laugh. She was a sprightly, elfin Scot who had grown up in Perth and played drums and guitar and sang. Unlike the ruddy surfer Australian stock, her hair was dark and her skin was light. She had a way of darting through a room.
  • I love being a new onlooker, a convert. To become a fan of something, to open and change, is a move of deliberate optimism, curiosity, and enthusiasm. Touring with Pearl Jam allowed me to see how diminishing and stifling it is to close yourself off to experiences. It was a tour that changed my life.

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