Best book for mystics: “The Child Whisperer” by Carol Tuttle

Best Nonfiction Book - Overcoming Emotional Overeating

Best nonfiction book: The Child Whisperer: The Ultimate Handbook for Raising Happy, Successful, Cooperative Children
Best nonfiction author: Carol Tuttle
Book summary writer: Mollie Player

Unique appeal of this best nonfiction book:

Personality tests are one thing–energy profiling, quite another. The Child Whisperer and other books by Carol Tuttle offer a paradigm-changing understanding of onesself and others. Notably, the book isn’t just about kids.

This best nonfiction book’s essence:

Each of us are characterized by a particular energy that influences almost everything we do–even the way we walk, eat and dress. Personalities can be taken on and off, like clothes. Energy is what’s underneath.

The four major energy types correspond to the elements of wind, water, fire and earth. They also, and more significantly, correspond to four underlying life purposes that affect many of our decisions and at times make it hard for us to understand each others’ decisions.

These life purposes are as follows:

  • Wind – Type 1 – To enjoy life
  • Water – Type 2 – To love and connect with others
  • Fire – Type 3 – To accomplish goals
  • Earth – Type 4 – To see that things are done in the correct way

Important quotes from this best nonfiction book:

  • Understanding your child’s true nature will help you better recognize their natural gifts and talents, more clearly see their personal challenges, and know how to guide them more easily.
  • When honored for who they really are, children will cooperate more easily as a by-product of parenting efforts, and you will experience increased cooperation and harmony in your parent-child relationships.
  • As a result, you will develop a unique parenting approach that honors and supports your child, eliminating a high percentage of conflict and discipline.
  • “Child Whispering” is my philosophy of working with children based on the model of Energy Profiling. Energy Profiling is an assessment tool that considers body language, communication, learning processes, personality, physical characteristics, and numerous other qualities. This model provides parents with an intuitive understanding of how their children see the world and innately express themselves.
  • As a result of identifying your child’s true nature—or Type—based on my Energy Profiling system, you will become your own “Child Whisperer.”
  • The most powerful gift you can give your child is the permission to be their best.
  • Every person alive has their own unique Energy Profile—a natural movement that expresses itself in body language and earliest sounds from the day a child is born. In fact, it even starts earlier than that. 
  • Personality is actually just a by-product of something much deeper, much more innate in a child’s expression. I suggest that a child comes to this life with a natural expression of movement that profoundly influences personality. If this natural expression is ignored or stifled, children’s personalities can develop in contradiction and conflict with their true nature.
  • Energy Profiling is not a personality test.  
  • Each Type is labeled with a number—Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, and Type 4.
  • Type 1: The Fun-loving Child Primary Connection to the World: Social Primary Movement: Bouncy and random Primary Need: To have fun and happy parents May be described as: animated, fun, bright, light-hearted, friendly May be negatively judged as: flighty, hyperactive, unreliable
  • Type 2: The Sensitive Child Primary Connection to the World: Emotional Primary Movement: Subtle and flowing Primary Need: To have feelings honored and everyone in the family feel loved and connected May be described as: tender, gentle, kind, thoughtful May be negatively judged as: wimpy, shy, hyper-sensitive
  • Type 3: The Determined Child Primary Connection to the World: Physical Primary Movement: Push forward and determined Primary Need: To be challenged and have new experiences with support of their parents May be described as: Strong, active, persistent, energetic May be negatively judged as: Pushy, loud, demanding, rambunctious
  • Type 4: The More Serious Child Primary Connection to the World: Intellectual Primary Movement: Straightforward and exact Primary Need: To be respected by their parents and family members and respect them in return May be described as: Thorough, efficient, responsible, analytical May be negatively judged as: Critical, judgmental, know-it-all . . .

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