Best Spirituality Book for Depression: Kryon Book Ten

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Best Spirituality Book for Depression: Kryon Book Ten: A New Dispensation: Plain Talk for Confusing Times, Lee Carroll and Kryon

Kryon is the spirit entity channelled by Lewis Carroll. Like the other books in the Kryon series, Book Ten is a collection of transcripts of separate channelling sessions. Because of this, the content is largely unstructured; many of the themes in the book are revisited several times, while others are tangential.

Kryon is one hard-rocking spiritual entity, which explains the popularity of this lengthy book series.

These sessions took place between June 2002 and December 2003.

Can this book help me overcome depression?

Somewhat. It depends on what you need, what skills and tools.

Does it address depression specifically?


What does it say that can help?

Some of this book’s main ideas:

  • Each person is surrounded by many angels/guides.
  • If we project our light to places that need light, there is great hope for change.
  • Addiction can be overcome. Cellular structure, DNA can change. Speak to your cells and tell them you want them to be healthy. You have incredible power.
  • People who have near death experiences tell different stories of the afterlife when they return because it “is set up by the preconception and energy of the human who experiences it.” What they’re describing is only the very first part of the death experience: “You never actually broach the outside of the core energy that you’re set up” until you choose for your death to be final.
  • Each person is like a bowl of soup—a collection of various energies all mixed together. One spoon of the soup is our earthly selves, but there’s much more to us than that.
  • Certain places on earth are better for ascension, enlightenment than others: cold places—places far from the equator, toward the poles.
  • A major shift in the magnetic energy “grid” of the earth began at the end of 2002 and settled a few months after that.
  • The Bible and other divinely inspired texts from long ago are no longer very relevant. This is because people have free will and as they change, and their energies change, circumstances change, too. That’s why the Armageddon didn’t happen. We are in a new dispensation.
  • “Claim your ascension status.” Tell your body, your cells, to vibrate higher, and they will.
  • Spend time with people of like mind regularly.
  • There’s life, intelligence and consciousness in every substance on earth that allows each to know what to do, how to vibrate, how to combine and exist.
  • Prediction: interdimensional life will be discovered on earth through the use of magnets. “The scientists will be aware of the life force, because it will move away when stimulated . . . It will respond to light.” Also, we will find other forms of life in our solar system.
  • There is a consciousness field around each person that intuitives can read like a book.
  • We are like people who for a long time have lived in a very room. We develop habits off thought, beliefs (religions) based on the little we know. When someone suddenly offers us a candle, we’re surprised by what we see: different objects, new paths between objects, etc. After this, we don’t stick with the same routine we’ve always had. We rearrange our lives to fit the new knowledge.
  • “Every single time fear starts to well up within you and you successfully void it due to the wisdom and knowledge you carry you have just won a battle.”
  • In any situation there are three energies at play: the energy of your human consciousness, the energy of the situation itself and, higher and more powerful than either of these, the “manifested energy” that you create when you use your human energy to change the energy of the situation. This third energy affects the earth profoundly. It is responsibility for all new creation. It is the reason that every thought you think changes the world!
  • Each human carries twelve layers of DNA. The layers contain information about past lives and much more. We change our DNA with our thoughts and experiences.
  • On numerology: each number has a particular significance/meaning. The meanings of each number can interact with each other in various ways as well.
  • There is a “cosmic lattice” encompassing the totality of creation working together.
  • When seeking your life purpose, don’t look for a standalone instrument, but for the instrument in the orchestra with your name on it. Be in tune with others. Co-create.
  • A parable about this: There was a man who was seeking his life purpose. One day an angel gave him wood and a saw and a pair of magic glasses. The man fashioned his life purpose or dream into a puzzle piece and wore it around his neck, but nothing happened. Finally, he used the magic glasses and saw the empty spot in the puzzle of creation where his piece should go, which was totally different than the one he made by himself. When he creates his piece to fit that spot, he finds his purpose.
  • “Be as unique as you wish, but be quiet and listen to the song around you, because that’s the musical key you’re being asked to sing in.”
  • We make contracts with others before we’re born about what we want to experience, but those contracts can and do change.
  • The Illuminati, the secret group of code-makers who pull the economic strings of the world, are real and living in Greece.
  • Ask God how to become interdimensional, to vibrate higher. Then look for answers to your question everywhere.
  • Change your physical world by creating “engrams” – “thoughts that remain in your memory as energy” – that are based on positive memories of good feelings. The Universe will then bring you more of same.
  • If you want to become aware of your interdimensionality, “Use your 4D experience to climb the walls of the box . . .” Use your spiritual senses.
  • Some texts outdated – you’re moved past them. How to know which ones? “It’s easy, read them! How does the information resonate with you? Does it feel fresh and accurate?”
  • On meditation: It’s awesome any way you do it. “But there’s so much more . . . But we’ve invited you to change the modality from where you meditate once in a while or once a day, to that where you have 100 percent connection!” This connection is what Kryon refers to as “ascension.”
  • Talks about the Lemurians, an old great civilization from which most current humans descended.
  • More on DNA.
  • How to increase your sense of self-worth: 1) Get creative. Try channeling, even; 2) Help others; 3) Exercise, then meditate. Oxygenation, then clear thinking, then better meditation; 4) Verbal affirmations; 5) Challenge the dark parts of yourself to a fight, see how weak they are; 6) Claim the angel inside; 7) Meld into your gender identity the identity of the opposite, too.
  • Abundance is sustenance, like manna in the desert for the Israelites. Don’t seek wealth.
  • On finding your path: make peace with where you are right now. Find purpose in it now.
  • On joy: It’s always there. Don’t overthink it, worry it away. “Stop trying so hard!” Stop telling your angels about all about the bad stuff. It’s crazy! Focus on the good.
  • Discusses the vastness of “empty” space between parts of matter and how this relates to interdimensionality. There’s more “in” matter that we think.
  • Discusses the shape of the Universe: a toroid, and a mobius strip in one—sort of like an M. C. Esher painting.
  • “. . . The universe isn’t really that big.” It seems so because dimensions face each other. The toroid is collapsed, consolidated so you are staring right at a neighboring dimension, but seemingly have to walk very, very far (only on “flat” surfaces; in other words, one’s own plane) to yet there.
  • People who carry “dark energy” aren’t very powerful. Only a weak little light removes it.
  • One can receive the healing powers of medicine by just holding it in their hands, because the energy and intention comes through. No side effects.
  • Attempts to create a community of “light workers” “. . . will fail in the new energy.” Light workers are meant to come together on occasion, or regularly, then shine elsewhere.
  • Reiki is a valuable tool, as are many other people are currently using. All different, all valid if they still work!
  • If you have insomnia, lay quietly in bed, ask God to give you the equivalent amount of sleep so you’ll “wake” just as refreshed. Then relax about it.
  • Addictions happen because people are trying to distract themselves from their higher purpose! They are afraid. Must clear the fear. Meditation helps.
  • Don’t pray “to” anyone. Just create. Pray like a family member writing a letter home from the front lines of a battle.

The book ends with questions and answers from readers.

To what degree do you think this book can help me overcome depression?

Depression effectiveness rating: 3 on a scale of 1-10

Where can I find it?

Kryon Book Ten at the Kryon store

Kryon Book Ten on Amazon

Kryon Book Ten on Goodreads

Lee Carroll on Wikipedia

Official Website of Lee Carroll and Kryon


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