Best Spirituality Book for Depression: “Grief, Meth, Addiction, God & Zen” by David Carlyle and Cynthia Sharp


Best Spirituality Book for Depression: Grief, Meth, Addiction, God & Zen by David Carlyle and Cynthia Sharp

Okay, so I haven’t read this book yet. Permit me a full explanation.

The books on my Best Spiritual Memoirs for Overcoming Depression list that are found in the first section, also titled Best Spiritual Memoirs for Overcoming Depression, are those that I have read and that I can personally vouch for. The other books on this list, under the Other Recommended Best Spiritual Memoirs for Overcoming Depression heading, are those that I haven’t read yet but that have achieved some degree of recognition and appreciation.

This is one of those books.

I include these along with my personal favorites in order to offer a comprehensive list of the books on this topic for the “spiritual travelers” out there—people who, like me, are always on the lookout for their next inspiring spiritual read.

(By the way, as far as I know this list is the most comprehensive of its kind on the Internet. This includes Amazon and other automated lists, since a large percentage of the books on those lists are miscategorized.)

In case you haven’t seen it already, here is the full Best Spiritual Memoirs for Overcoming Depression list. Or you can see all of my Best Spirituality Books for Depression lists here.

And don’t forget to read the descriptions of my top-tier Best Books for Depression. Each book listed in the first sections of my Best Books for Depression lists links to a full article that rates how helpful I think the book is for overcoming depression. I call it my “depression effectiveness rating,” and it uses a 10-scale.

Some articles also tell of my personal experiences with the spiritual practices described in the books.

My goal for this site is to support you in your efforts to find greater inner peace and, if needed, overcome depression completely. I welcome your comments and questions at

Interesting Quotes:

  • Zen spoke to me with its simplicity and willingness to admit not knowing is valid. Beyond the basic tenets of Buddhism, the deeper aspects of Buddhist thought rang true for me, as if this is what I had always really believed but didn’t know to embrace. I was surprised to learn that millions of people believed this form of non-belief and peaceful existence without a god or code of behavior beyond a basic goodness to each other and all sentient beings.
  • I slowly began to realize that even Buddhist groups have a tendency to encourage more participation, more loyalty, more devotion, more study, more desire to practice. It is simply human nature to congregate with others who believe the same things and encourage active participation.

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