Best book for mystics: “Meditation without Gurus”

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Best book for mystics: Meditation without Gurus: A Guide to the Heart of the Practice by Clark Strand

What this best book for mystics is about:

Written by a former Zen Buddhist monk, Meditation without Gurus is a beautifully-written answer to spiritual gurus who believe that their meditation practice is best.

The purpose of book: to strip meditation down to its essentials–to uncomplicate it.

The author’s advice includes:

  • “Meditate as a hobby, not a career.” Do it because you like it, not because there’s any bigger goal.
  • Use a simple meditation technique: Count the breath till you get to four without losing track. After that, just focus on the breath, bringing your thoughts back to it when they wander. There is no right way or wrong way to breathe.
  • Each time you meditate, pretend to yourself that you’re a beginner.

“Imagine how difficult it would be if, in learning to ride a bicycle, you burdened yourself with the idea of discipline . . . When I suggest you focus on nothing but counting the breath from one to four, I simply mean that you ought not to waste your time and energy on thoughts like, I don’t have the discipline for this! Just return to one when you find your mind wandering. That is discipline enough.”

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