Book announcement, part two: “The Naked House”

cover - the naked house - small

Reminder to anyone who missed it that The Naked House: Five Principles for a More Peaceful Home is now available on here.

And one more excerpt for you:

“It’s a strange fact but a fact nonetheless: most people greatly underestimate the effect of their environment on their mood and enjoyment of life.

“I don’t know why this is. Shouldn’t we have figured it out by now? We pay three times the normal price of wine, just so we can drink it on an uncomfortable stool in a sexy, cool bar. We do the same with coffee at Starbucks. And we spend a whole load of cash to sit by a pool in Mexico, rather than the one at the Y.

“We think we have other reasons for doing these things, reasons that are much more logical and detached. The bar is convenient. Starbucks has free Wi-Fi. And in Mexico you can scuba dive or ride a horse.

“But home is convenient. Home has the internet, and there are bodies of water and horses here, too. We don’t go for any of that; we go because we want to get away.
Our homes can’t give us that getaway experience, of course, but they can offer something even better: an ongoing sense of well-being in our everyday life.

“Allow me to say again what I said in chapter one: Your home is like a person—and, like a person, it has a soul.”

If you are a fellow home organization hobbyist, check it out. It has a ton of ideas for greatly simplifying your life.


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  1. I’m sad to be so late to this post . . . This message isn’t for you Mollie, it’s for those who haven’t purchased this book yet!

    The Naked House is one of my favorite books from 2015. It’s got a lot of energy for a quiet and reflective theme. We’re already followed some of Mollie’s ideas in our own home. Whenever you find a book that combines simplicity and meaning and fun, you should grab hold of it and treasure it. This is one of those books.

    I also strongly recommend Mollie Player’s book You’re Getting Closer: One Year of Finding God and a Few Good Friends. Ye gods that was good.

    I’m such a fan of both I also gave them the highest possible rating on Amazon.

    For all of you readers out there, do yourselves a favor and buy both books. It’s like giving yourself a double treat/



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