In order to feel that good again, I have to . . . ?


When I was growing up my favorite movie was Anne of Green Gables. The way I felt when I was watching it–or at least the way I remember feeling–was just so thoroughly good, so entirely removed from all things uncomfortable. For a while, I too lived on a beautiful farm and no matter how misunderstood I was, I always had a best friend, beauty, and a book.

Now I’m all grown up, and though I much prefer most of my life the way it is now, I do have one complaint: In order to feel that good again, I have to meditate.


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  1. I don’t look at meditation the way I used to. I meditate constantly merely by thinking while I live. I try to relax and enjoy the moment; I consider those meditations. Sitting in the lotus position and pondering the existence of nothing is not meditation to me. Meditation is the concentrated thought about life and relaxing and God. I have learned how to do it while sitting and waiting at an office as well as when driving in the car.
    I don’t know how you exactly look at meditation, but hope this helps a bit.

  2. Such a weird coincidence. We just returned from a long road trip, and I read to my granddaughter when my husband drove. One of the books was “Anne of Green Gables,” which for some reason I had never read before, even when my own daughters were young. We haven’t finished it–it will be our read-aloud whenever my granddaughter is here this summer–but it is enchanting. (The other two were “Wind in the Willows” and “Island of the Blue Dolphins.”)

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