There’s a word for that


I once saw a cartoon (Dilbert, I think it was) where the punch line was: “There’s a word for what happens to people like you: nothing.”

When I first read it I thought, God, don’t ever let me become one of those people.

Now I think maybe I am.

I have a mortgage, a husband, a kid and a job. I live in the suburbs–and I love it.

The little life dramas are enough for me. Besides, I have a bigger purpose in my life other than what I own, drive or wear.

That’s the best thing about this spirituality thing; no matter how boring you are, you are part of the most exciting story on earth.

(And even if it all turns out to be a hoax, hey–I’m still a good conversationalist.)


Diets don’t work? I disagree.  

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I like opinions. Especially mine. But here's where to put yours, too.

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