I was Reiked and so should you.

Best Nonfiction Book: Abstract 1

Last weekend, I had Reiki done on me for the first time. And it was AWESOME.

Basically Reiki is a way of cleansing your chakras and stuff, and the experience is really low-key. In the moment it was like, “What is happening?” But later on that day, it was like, “What happened?”

I highly recommend it. I mean hell–you only live once. Why not get your chakras cleansed? (Here’s my go-to gal’s website.)


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  1. So glad you discovered Reiki! I’ll let you in on a secret. If you take a class (they’re usually one or two days) and become Reiki attuned (that means you will be able to give Reiki), it will likely open you up and in the process bring wonderful changes to your life. At least it did with me. It started the ball rolling into a spiritual awakening for me.

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