Now I live in Mattress Land


One thing that’s cool about having a kid is that instead of having a regular bed you have two big mattresses on the floor with nothing else in the room, especially lamps.

Yup, that’s right. We sleep in Mattress Land. And yes–yes it is completely awesome.

Who needs lamps when you’ve got … mattresses?


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  1. LOL, Mollie. I used to let my son sleep with me…until he was about six and literally kicked me in the eye socket (his heel made a forceful direct hit on one eyes) while flailing around during sleep. Seriously went blind for a short period of time. That was the end of the “sure, you can cuddle with me” option.

    Wishing you the best of luck on your adventure!

    Many blessings,


    1. Oh, I totally get it. Truth is, baby is in crib now for first time in 14 months. But Mattress Land stays. I LOVE cosleeping so I’m crossing my fingers for the days he (and maybe five or six more) can join us again without needing to NURSE ALL NIGHT.


      1. I totally love the *idea* of co-sleeping. It’s an awesome idea!

        Seeing you with your five or six more! (I am the 7th child in my family, so that’s easy to imagine.) ;-)

        Many blessings,


  2. I sold everything thinking I was going to live in a motorhome for a while but then my daughter had a baby and that changed everything. Turned out that having a mattress only in our now 2-bedroom house was the best arrangement for our little one! We just love it!


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