Law of Attraction Success Story: “I Found the Perfect Shirt”

This photo is courtesy oastsy40 of

This photo is courtesy oastsy40 of

Contributor: Tim L. of Chicago, Illinois at

At The Secret’s official website, Tim writes the following:

“Two days ago I was shopping for my best friend’s birthday. I looked at the shirts and found one that said “Beer, cigars and bass: The three food groups.” It was perfect and everything he likes! The only problem? It was too big. It was a 3x and he takes 2x, so I put it back.

“The next day my girlfriend offered to go with me to help attract it. We checked one store but no luck. She said, ‘I’ve got a feeling about the store by our house’ (the same store I checked the previous night). I said, ‘Well they only had 3x but okay, I guess we could check.’

“So we got there and started looking through the shelf, with no luck. Then I took out my phone to view the photo I had taken of it. I guess that triggered the Universe to send it to me right away, because I reached my arm to the back of the shelf and pulled out a shirt and it was the exact right one! Size 2x and the same design.

“I was so excited and so was my girlfriend. She smiled so proudly at me and said, ‘See I told you, you can manifest anything you desire. Looking at the photo of what you wanted made it happen!’

“I’m still so excited and now I’m ready to start using the law of attraction for other things, like a good job and school and a Ford f150 in black!

“I’m beginning to really understand.”



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