Law of attraction success story: “I have a future”


Contributor: Law of attraction believer Melissa F. from England at

At The Secret’s official website, Melissa writes the following:

“It all started four months ago when my little boy’s dad was murdered. I got all down and depressed and with my son’s birthday, Christmas, etc., I got myself into a lot of debt.

“Then one day I was visiting a friend who was supporting me in my time of need when she told me about The Secret. I was so intrigued by what my friend had told me that I went out and bought the book immediately.

“When I read the book and started to apply positive changes to my life, amazing things happened. I found a solution that was safe and easy to clear my debts. I started an acting course that I enjoy. I did a video shoot where I played the girl from the film “Psycho” doing the shower scene which for me, a normally shy person, was a huge accomplishment!

“This year, my little boy and I are all set, ready for a wonderful Christmas. For this I thank the movie The Secret which gave me the faith to keep going and to think positive thoughts about the future–no matter what comes. Each day I am grateful for not only my own, but everyone I love and care about’s health and happiness.”



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  1. Thank you Mollie, for sharing. I really love these stories! I nominated you for the Superstar Blogger Award! You deserve it. Your work is so inspirational. You can find my post on my page and accept it. Thank you again for your excellent writing and I look forward to reading more in 2014 🙂

  2. Thank you for this. It really touched my heart this morning. It also reminded me to stay aware in the present moment, which is all that matters anyway. When we are in our heads, we usually focus on the past or future. True power is in the present; which is a present to us. Namaste

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