Life Hack for Overcoming Depression: Know Your Own Strength


As I told you before, so far in my life, I have been married twice. My second marriage—the real one, the one that has not yet been made legal—was to David, and my first marriage was to a man named Jake.

Jake was not a happy person. When we first started dating, we were in college and I remember him saying over and over, “I am so sick of college. I want to get out of here and start my career. If I do that, then I’m sure to be happy.”

A short time after that, he started his career. After that, he often said, “This career isn’t what I expected. Besides, I’m alone all the time and it sucks. I want to get married. If I do that, then I’m sure to be happy.”

A little while later, I married him, and you can probably guess what he said.

“Marriage is hard. I just want to be alone. If I can do that, then I’m sure to be happy.”

After that, we got divorced. This did make me happier but somehow I suspect the results were less decisive for him.

My ex-husband is not an evil person, of course. He is a good person, as we all are. But he does have one major problem, which is this: He doesn’t know his own strength.

He doesn’t know that his life is what he makes of it—only what he makes of it, and nothing else.

He doesn’t know he has power.


Much can be said on the subject of human power, and most of it has already. However, I don’t think that anything is harder to learn or more important, so I will add to the many words written on the subject and say this:

You are the strongest thing that exists in this world.

Every day, at every moment, your mind is creating your reality and the reality of the people around you. Whether you call it “energy signals,” like some do, or “the Law of Attraction,” your mind affects your life much more than any other single thing. The way you interpret your actions and the actions of others, your level of gratitude, your positive or negative outlook—all of this, in ways both small and large, determine both what your life will be like and how happy it will make you.

That’s what I believe, anyway, and I think that if you really think about it, so do you.


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