Law of attraction success story: “I found a church”

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Contributor: Mollie Player, author of several New Thought books including You’re Getting Closer: One Year of Finding God and a Few Good Friends.

When I was growing up–well, okay, maybe just from about junior high school on–there was one day of the week that was my favorite of them all: Sunday. For a time, the reason was simple: That was the day of the week that I got to hang out with my friends. Later, though, there was another reason: It was the day on which I felt closest to God.

Either way, though, I loved it.

Then college happened and my ideas about spiritual things began to change–and fast. By the end of my 7 1/2-year college tenure, I no longer went to church–and my number of friendships had taken a serious dive as well.

Several months ago, though, something happened that changed that. I had been saying some affirmations regarding friendship while also attempting to be lead by my spirit in more of my small daily decisions when suddenly I felt led to go to the library.

There, my life changed, just a bit: A lady I happened to meet told me about Center for Spiritual Living.

I visited the Seattle location as soon as I could–and I loved it.

Then, soon after that visit, I discovered that another branch–one much closer to my house–was opening up within weeks. I attended a planning session and felt so inspired by the people I met and the vision they espoused that I dove in right away.

Currently I’m participating in a small group, a weekly class and a volunteer crew there. I love the minister and the people . . . And Sunday is once again my favorite day of the week.

Mollie Player


It’s spirituality for the rest of us

Eckhart Tolle is awesome. So are Byron Katie and all those Buddhist monks we hear about. Why, then, doesn’t their advice immediately solve all our most pressing spiritual problems?

Why are their results so difficult to replicate?

You’re Getting Closer and The Power of Acceptance. Get them for an uplifting priceĀ on Amazon.


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One comment

  1. Mollie!

    I love that church! A couple I know well is in their ministerial program. Like Unity, The Center for Spiritual Living is open-source spirituality — just like you are here.

    What jazzes me about both organizations is how they are open to wisdom from all sources, current and past, from multiple traditions.



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