Top Seven Get Happy Tips

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Here are my favorite Get Happy tips from my blog so far:

Number 7: Be positive, already. (How many times do you have to hear this before you actually decide to start?)

Number 6: Say affirmations. (Today I said, over and over, “Love is flowing through me all the time.” Do you think that could have possibly done me any harm?)

Number 5: Learn new stuff constantly. Seriously. It is so much fun.

Number 4: Forgive. (Really—no cheating!)

Number 3: Pick a nice partner. (Yes, you can!!!)

Number 2: Tell yourself the truth, always (or, at the very least, tell yourself you’ll tell yourself the truth, always).

Number 1: Know that you have power.

What do you think of the Top Seven list?


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what do you think?

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