Law of attraction success story: “I put the LOA to the test”


Contributor: Law of attraction fan Jamal Saidi of

A while back, I lived in a rental home which was on the first floor. The landlord was an old woman who stayed on the second floor. One day, while on my way home, I looked for some bread to buy, but in vain–no bread was left in the stores nearby. Recently, though, I had learned about the law of attraction and, wanting to test the theory out, I decided to apply it to this dilemma.

“I am going back home and the landlord will give me two pieces of bread,” I said to myself as I walked. I thought about the bread, visualizing it until I was able to practically feel it right between my fingers. Note that since it was nighttime the chance to meet the woman was almost non-existent (or so I thought), for she usually went to sleep very early.

When I arrived home, I tried to open the door, but it appeared that it was locked with a key that I didn’t possess. In order to get in I had to ring the bell so that one of the residents of other apartments would open the door for me. This I did, and to my utter astonishment, it was the old woman who warmly received me. But that wasn’t all–after letting me in she insisted that I wait so that she could give me some bread.

The taste of that bread was so different from any other. And, after all, it should have been, for it was the fruit of a new system of thinking that later opened doors for many further achievements in my life.



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