Law of attraction success story: “I got an unexpected gift of thousands of dollars,” part two

law of attraction money

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Contributor: Mollie Player, author of several New Thought books including You’re Getting Closer: One Year of Finding God and a Few Good Friends.

This year, I made it one of my goals to straighten out my husband’s various investment accounts, rolling them over into a single brokerage firm. This turned out to be a lot more work than I anticipated, but it was very, very necessary. (David doesn’t much like dealing with this kind of thing.)

Around the same time I said the following affirmation: “I will receive an unexpected gift of thousands of dollars.” As I said it, the number $20,000 came to mind. It felt right, so I said it a few more times while taking my walks.

The following month, I discovered something: Sitting in a fund my husband didn’t even remember existed was an additional (approximately) $20,000 worth of stock.

At first, I just thought it was kinda cool. It didn’t feel like real money to me since it wouldn’t be spent, and I didn’t make the connection between that find and my affirmation.

Until I did. And it is real money–almost the exact amount I asked for.


It’s spirituality for the rest of us

Eckhart Tolle is awesome. So are Byron Katie and all those Buddhist monks we hear about. Why, then, doesn’t their advice immediately solve all our most pressing spiritual problems?

Why are their results so difficult to replicate?

You’re Getting Closer and The Power of Acceptance. Get them for an uplifting price on Amazon.


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  1. That’s amazing. I love your site and these posts. They are so simple and refreshing.

    Did you find that while deliberately setting your intentions on your goals that you then had to spend time adjusting your beliefs or subconscious doubts? If so, what technique worked for you?

    Thanks again for everything you do!!


    Sent from my iPhone

    1. I did not. When it comes to affirmations, in my experience it’s best to think of a good-feeling thought and not over-analyze it–just say it and move on. Also, it does help if you can think of some reason that the affirmation can and will happen (i.e. “I’m smart enough to do that; no problem” or “I’ve done it before, I can do it again.”).

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