Law of attraction success story: “I finally have a group of friends”

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Contributor: Mollie Player, author of several New Thought books including You’re Getting Closer: One Year of Finding God and a Few Good Friends. Get your free copy by commenting on her blog at

One of the main ways I overcame most of my depression, found a truly awesome life partner, made lots of money and much more isn’t surprising: it’s gratitude. Gratitude for the good, gratitude for the bad, and gratitude for the okay-but-would-like-to-improve. However, there is something in my life that as  I haven’t always appreciated enough, namely: friendship.

“One of the things I am the very worst at in all of life, besides all of the things I haven’t tried, of course—and I’d even be better at some of those—is one of the most important, and it is this: making friends.” That is what I wrote in Sometimes Very: How I Overcame Depression In Just Twenty Short Years on the subject.

And its true. Maybe it’s because I’m Type A and a bit of a workaholic. Or maybe it’s because I tend toward introversion. Over the past year or so, though, I’ve been saying occasional affirmations for increased friendship, and last December, it finally began to happen.

I began to make new friends, and not just a few–a lot. I joined a couple of groups on and was shocked to discover how many amazing, good, kind, intelligent people are out there.

And some of them even call you back.

Mollie Player

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  1. Mollie! —

    I’m so glad you wrote about this. Relationships, good ones, are among the greatest of riches. Houses, cars, stuff — it all pales in comparison. These new friends are lucky to have you in their lives, as you are fortunate to have them.

    Thank you for putting this out there —


  2. I started on and, after a few visits, I have had people and things come into my life, outside of the group, that has not made it necessary to return. But, knowing the group is there is wonderful!

    1. I agree. Knowing the group is there is part of what makes it so great. And I think it’s possible that after you signed up, you started feeling more socially “successful” (shall we say), which then allowed those other people to come to you!

      I think this happened with my husband. After discovering online dating, I met him within a few months, though I promised myself not to jump into anything too quickly …

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