Law of Attraction Success Story: “I Have $15,000”

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Contributor: Law of attraction believer Gareth of and GElawofattraction.

Not long ago, I was in a financial mess–a big one. I owed around $12,000 to credit card companies and to the government for back taxes. I used to drive buses for a living, but I had lost my job, which meant that I didn’t have a good reference to help me get another.

Around this time I was introduced to the movie and book The Secret. At first, after hearing about it, I was skeptical. However, I thought, What have I got to lose? I was in no way prepared for the changes that were about to occur.

Each morning after buying the movie I woke up and watched it. I then bought the book and used the “Gratitude Now” section to write about all of the things I still had that I was grateful for: a roof over my head, food, clothing, etc. Then, on the “Gratitude Intention” section, I wrote about the things I wanted to attract (money, a job, to finish my education, to take my spouse on a holiday, etc.). I wrote those sentences as if I had already been given them and as I did so, using visualization techniques written about in the book, I felt the feeling of having them, too.  After that, I downloaded the blank check template from the Secret website and wrote in the amount of $15,000. I got into the state of believing that the money was mine, even though I did not know where that money was coming from.

And then, it happened. One morning about three months later I received a letter from an unknown company saying they would like to talk to me about some compensation from an incident that took place seven years ago when a plumber flooded my house and ruined my furniture. I had reported it, then heard that the company had changed names and hadn’t pursue it further. Now, according to this man’s instructions, I returned the signed letter with a copy of my identification and proof of address.

And within two weeks I received a check for $15,347.



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  1. Molly, I love your blog. I just learned about it form Jeannette Maw. I love all the true stories. It’s great inspiration!

    Gareth, What a great manifestation story. You rocked it! :)


  2. Great blog post and very inspirational story! I have had some good luck myself with the law of attraction and find it to be both an energetic thing along with something that is action oriented as well. Keep following those inspirations!

    – Jeff


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