Law of Attraction Success Story: “I Got a Free Washer and Dryer”

law of attraction washer and dryer

Contributor: Law of attraction advocate Melissa Curran, who wrote Find Your Paradigm: The Art of Living with Grace and Ease.

After twenty years of marriage, I found myself going through a divorce and moving into a new apartment. I’ve had a washer and dryer in my home for over twenty-five years, but since I took very little with me when I moved, I now faced the prospect of using a laundromat for the first time since my early twenties.

And it made me feel sad. I can’t explain why exactly; it seems like such a little thing. Maybe it was all of the other changes going on in my life, and my already feeling very overwhelmed.

And now I would have to go somewhere outside of my home to wash clothes.

So, this is what I did: First, I asked the leasing agent at the complex if there were any one-bedroom apartments available with a washer/dryer connection. She said that none were and would not be for some time. I kept asking each time we talked thinking there could be a change any time, but she always said “no.” I accepted that but still kept thinking how nice it would be to do laundry in my own apartment and whenever it was convenient.

Moving day came. I was not able to see the inside of the apartment that I leased, just the location. When I walked in, I went looking around to scope out the closet situation, see where everything was located, etc. The model apartment had an extra storage closest at the end of the short hallway, but mine did not. I was really aggravated as these were tiny apartments and I needed every bit of storage space possible! Then I went into the kitchen and saw that the closet was located there. I breathed a sigh of relief and when I opened the door, there was a tiny stackable washer/dryer … and in great working condition! The apartment complex people didn’t know it was there – and I wasn’t about to tell them!

When I saw it, I nearly jumped up and down for joy. This was the one thing that would make me feel like I was living in a home and not an apartment. I couldn’t believe I had it!

Since that time, I have used this feeling of relief and elation in my daily visualization practice. It lifts my spirits, helps me turn negative emotions into positive ones, and reminds me of the way things can change if you have faith.

Melissa Curran


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  1. Wonderful story, Melissa! Thanks for reminding us of how easily manifestations like this can show up if we just “stack up” enough thoughts in a positive direction… : )


  2. I love your story. It’s amazing the things, even the simple ones, that we can do when we allow ourselves to use our inner power and believe. All things are possible! Thank you so much for sharing your story!


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