Life Hack for Overcoming Depression: Get a hobby

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As I said before, a lot of the day-to-day enjoyment I get out of life comes from my job, which is one of the reasons I recommend having a good one so highly. But there is an obvious problem with that, which is:

Not everyone likes their job.

Even worse: Some people will not like any of their future jobs, either.

Not much, anyway.

They will not offer all of the things I mentioned, like intellectual stimulation and a sense of accomplishment.

They will just be jobs.

But there is a solution for this, one that seems obvious but is surprisingly rare, and it is this:

Instead of getting a job you love, get something just as good:

Get a passion.

Find something else, something great, something unique, something that you can, over time, learn more and more about until you become great at it—better than anyone else (or better than most people, at least).

In other words: Get a hobby.

A hobby that you love and that you can do often.

Learn all about it. Read every book you can find on it.

Do it often.

Then, when you’re done with that hobby, move on to something else.


“This is the kind of writing that makes me feel as if I’d sat down with the author on the sofa with cups of tea and we were talking together for hours. The style is so vulnerable …” – Heather

“I don’t know what to say other than it is the most beautiful book that I have ever read.” – Ashley

“Really, I am rather speechless.” – Sarah

“I loved the book!! I couldn’t stop reading it!! It touched me so very much.” – Haydee

“Player has given a beautiful gift to her readers. I was very touched.” – Celia

“Player’s chatty style evokes a realism and empathy for the story. One is able to feel her pain.” – Anonymous 

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  1. This is, basically, what I have done. I can’t work (disabled), so I write, and most of it is not for money. My blog doesn’t earn me income (some say the exposure is good; fine). I write short stories; you can’t live on that income. I have a few video games and movies as well as reading. Those things I love and can’t get enough of. So, my hobbies.

    1. Past few nights I’ve been reading before bed and since I have some great books it’s been awesome. I even said a prayer/affirmation that my husband would join me (he’s normally on the computer) and guess what … he did! Two nights in a row, starting like 2 nights after I said the affirmation! It’s the little things … I can’t believe how much I’m “manifesting” these days.

      1. That’s really awesome! I am trying to manifest more and I may be trying too hard. I would love for my eyes to be healed (actually, the part of my brain that allows focusing and dilation). I am not sure why it doesn’t happen. I acknowledge that God can heal, but may not if it serves a better purpose.
        Not sad, not disappointed, just wondering.

  2. Hi Mollie I have been following your blog for over a year now. Just wanting to let you know how much I love you “Get Happy Tips”
    I’ve started a new blog and since I’m not much or a write I was wondering, that is if you have time, if you would take a look and let me know what you think of the project and the words alinged with the paintins.

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