Free to all reviewers: “Alone and Together: A Very Short Primer on Happiness”

cover - alone and together

As we have all no doubt heard, February is the love month. And so, we celebrate together, and this is how we do it: we read.

Okay, well, that is how I’m going to do it, anyway. And if by any chance you’d like to do the same, I’d like to make a book suggestion: the memoir I published last year about finding the love of my life after a long wait. It’s called Alone and Together: A Very Short Primer on Happiness, and its a fun, cute story, but that’s not the only reason to read it this month. The other? It’s on sale.

That’s right: for the next five days, I’m marking down the Alone and Together ebook from $3.00 to just $1.00. In addition, everyone who leaves a review on during the month of February will receive a printed copy of the book–or any other book of mine (your choice)–in the mail and signed by me. Just send me an email with the link to your review.

A bit about the book: Written as a letter to a young friend, Alone and Together: A Very Short Primer on Happiness offers a little advice and a lot of stories about being lonely, being in love, and being both at the same time.

Humorous, pithy and always coffee house conversation-worthy, its thirty-five memorable life lessons include: “Love Is Just a Feeling,” “Being Alone Is Good,” “It’s Okay To Be Strange,” “Don’t Fall in Love With Your Brother,” “Don’t Be Like Other People,” “Beware of Middle Age,” “Don’t Settle for Eyes that Don’t Glow,” and “When It’s True Love, You Have to Turn the Car Around.”

Here is an excerpt:

“When you can read a book, read a poem, take walks together, that is love.’
That is what my dad told me one time.
‘When you can be alone together,’ he said, ‘That is love.’
He was right.”

Get the printed or ebook version on here.

By the way, if you don’t have a Kindle, you can download a reader from them for your desktop for free.

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  1. I really enjoyed your book “Alone and Together” along with your other titles on Kindle.
    After finding this website by accident (FYI – I do not believe in accidents), so let’s go with cosmic co-incidence or the strong tingling sensation in my spine that said “get that book now” or whatever you prefer –
    I saw the cover image to Alone and Together on the sidebar of the blog and that image made me want to read the book. I knew I had to read it, and so grabbed the Kindle version, seeing as I did not want to wait four weeks for a print version to get to Australia. Well, it was a beautiful and sad and inspiring true story that really resonated with me, and well I will be sure to leave reviews (on Amazon) on any of your titles I have read.
    Keep writing Mollie!

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