Get happy tip: Don’t get what you want


Your brain is a total doofus.

Okay, so maybe I’m overstating the case just a tad. I like my brain, after all.

But that doesn’t mean I always listen to it.

Consider this example of how your own mind screws with your ability to be happy on a daily basis …

In the book Happiness: The Science Behind Your Smileauthor and psychologist Daniel Nettle gives us a little insight into the crazy machinations of the human brain. He says that the area of the brain that, when stimulated, produces desire is a totally different part of the brain than that which is involved in producing pleasure.

Think about the implications of this for a moment: What you want isn’t always what makes you happy.

In fact, the two can exist exclusive of each other a very great deal of the time.

But don’t we already know this, after all? Every day, we watch as people chase goals that don’t get them any closer to their ultimate goal of being happy.

They yell at their children. They sit on the couch instead of cleaning the kitchen.

They buy a freakin’ Masarati.

So doesn’t it make sense that their brains are just telling them to make these mistakes–that these flaws are just a fundamental part of their hard-wiring?

Probably. In any case, as we cut them (and ourselves) a renewed amount of slack, let’s keep in mind this simple (non-)equation:

“Desirable” does not equal “good.”

How’s that for a deep thought of the day? Let me know what you think!


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