Law of Attraction Success Story: “I Got Free Food”

true law of attraction story

Contributor: Bethany, who shares a funny law of attraction story that many of us can relate to a little.

Sometimes, the less resistance we hold, the faster what we desire comes . . . This is my true story of the FREE CAKE!

So: Week one, I go to the outdoor markets on a Saturday. I feel thirsty, and I try–try–to manifest a drink. I picture the drink in my hand; I even feel it there. I feel the cool glass bottle against my palm and fingertips, and I imagine with all my might the delicious cold drink in my mouth and throat.

And then I stop, and look around, and whaddya know: No drink appears in my hand. Darn!

Week two: Off to the outdoor markets again, again on a Saturday. This time, feeling hungry instead of thirsty, I try so hard to manifest free food. But free food at the markets? How would that happen?! All the stall holders charge for their food! However, I want to PROVE to myself that it is possible to manifest free food . . . that I am a MANIFESTING MAGICIAN! So, I try so hard that I imagine even the joy and surprise of receiving the free food. But then, I look in my hands and–you guessed it!–no free food has appeared! NONE!

Ahem. Darn again.

Then, week three: I go shopping again. This time, I am not thinking about free food or drinks at all. I am out with Mum on a Saturday, focusing on buying a barbeque and some outdoor furniture for her. We are in the city, not at the markets. Then, afterwards, she offers to drop me off at the markets. I say yes. She drops me off and I walk over.

And the first thing I see when I get there?


I got my food, sat down in a beanbag and began munching away, when suddenly, it dawned on me: Ah-ha!! It was when I learned to let go of the desire that it finally came.

And that’s my story of the free cake! The end.



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    1. Awesome! I can’t wait to read it! Letting go is difficult, but it becomes easier with practice. My secret is focusing on other things that I already HAVE that I love. Helps me remember to be happy with what I have NOW and makes me feel like I don’t need those other things as much. Make sense?


  1. That’s awesome Bethany! Yeah, it’s the “set it and forget it” method of intending. You know how Abraham-Hicks always say that every subject is actually two subjects? Two ends of the same stick: the thing we desire, and the lack of it. Well, I think we have to step away from the subject because we’re generally incapable of keeping our awareness to one end of that stick.

    It’s always great to be reminded that things don’t take long once you let go. Keeping ourselves busy and distracted is not a bad idea…!


  2. This is so timely. It seems that the MOMENT I let go of something, too, it Manifests into my life. Not only does it Manifest, but it does so so quickly and easily as if it was just waiting for JUST the right moment. What a beautiful Universe we live in. When ‘we’ let go, it lets go. :-)


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