Law of attraction success story: “My son’s math scores are great”

Contributor: Law of attraction practitioner Nancy, a teacher of meditation and visualization and a creative services provider. Find her at

I have an adult son with Asperger’s Syndrome. When he was a freshman in high school, he struggled with math. So, as a believer in affirmations and positive thinking, I wrote out what I call my “AffirmingSpirit Affirmation Cards.” I wrote “I am an excellent math student!” and propped it up near my son’s clock so he would see it often.

At first, my son argued with me that this was just NOT true, and it wouldn’t work. His conscious mind had trouble with saying something he didn’t think had already been manifested in the world that is apparent to us. When I explained to him how the subconscious mind works, he rolled his eyes.

Here’s the thing, though: By the end of that year, his teacher was reporting that he was excelling in math! Apparently, my belief in him was enough for us both.



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  1. Molly, I am sorry that I just didn’t have time to write out the full story for you.

    One correction: I don’t just call them my AffirmingSpirit cards, they ARE my AffirmingSpirit Blank Affirmation cards which are available on my other site,

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