Life Hack for Getting Suddenly Awesome: Don’t Think Too Hard


Lots of people know it.

Experts know it. Specialists of any kind know it. This guy has it nailed.

But some people haven’t quite gotten it yet, and it’s for those people I write this brief “get happy” tip today, which is:

Don’t think too hard.

Now, of course, thinking is fun. It’s one of the most fun things EVER, in the world. And it’s also quite practical–even necessary.

The question is: Are you wasting brain space on things that just don’t matter that much?

The brain is a complicated and beautiful organ, but sometimes, it can get overworked. Don’t fill it up with a bunch of useless knowledge (unless useless knowledge is just your favorite hobby, like my friend Steve–in that case, have at it!). Instead, specialize. Focus on what you want to do well, and learn everything you can about that.

For the rest: shortcuts often work just fine.

I sometimes tell prospective clients that I can’t drive and I can’t cook, but I can write. Not only is it charmingly self-depracating (while somehow also being charmingly boastful), it’s true.

I don’t care about being a great cook (my poor husband!). I care about being a safe driver, but not about being a particularly good one (I find that just slowing down is usually the answer).

And I’ve embraced it.

How about you?


“This is the kind of writing that makes me feel as if I’d sat down with the author on the sofa with cups of tea and we were talking together for hours. The style is so vulnerable …” – Heather

“I don’t know what to say other than it is the most beautiful book that I have ever read.” – Ashley

“Really, I am rather speechless.” – Sarah

“I loved the book!! I couldn’t stop reading it!! It touched me so very much.” – Haydee

“Player has given a beautiful gift to her readers. I was very touched.” – Celia

“Player’s chatty style evokes a realism and empathy for the story. One is able to feel her pain.” – Anonymous 

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  1. Dear Mollie,

    You may be onto something here. One of the books that I cover in my blog (the book is A Course of Love) says that we ought to stop learning and just discover, through “thoughts that we do not think,” which I think refers to the Unconscious.

    Of course, if we are still in school and/or still need to keep up to date at work, you have to use some common sense and use your mind to learn.

    Most cordially,



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