Law of attraction success story: “I have the home of my dreams,” part two


Contributor: Mollie Player

When someone unexpectedly outbid us on one home after another in a suddenly hot seller’s market, my husband and I just gave up looking. Looking back, it was a little weird how it happened: we took a look at a house that met many of our criteria. We liked it fine. On the way home we talked about whether or not to put in a bid.

“I’m just not that excited about it,” I said.

“Me, neither,” David said. “In fact, I’m pretty sick of this whole house-hunting thing.”

I laughed. What had begun as a fun bonding experience while looking forward to the birth of our child (we started looking around the time I got pregnant) had in six months become a major bummer.

Or maybe the universe was simply telling us to take a break–that the timing wasn’t right–and that’s why both of us got sick of looking at the same time.

The good vibes just weren’t there anymore.

In any case, Dave and I told our agent not to put in a bid, even though it was a nice enough place. We also told her we wanted to take a break from doing walk-throughs. As eager as we were to get out of our highway-adjacent apartment, we gave up. I wasn’t worried about the matter, though–well, not too much, anyway. I decided that when it was the right time, everything would fall into place. We’d find a place to buy, or we’d find a nicer place to rent–and either way was okay with me.

Three months later, only two weeks before our son was born, our realtor contacted us about a house that seemed right up our alley. The location was great. The size and style was just what both of us had in mind. And it was affordable, as well.

“You should take a look as soon as possible,” she said.

So, that evening, we stopped by and looked it over.

And it was awesome.

It was in good condition. It was surrounded by trees. It was close to a lake.

It was somewhere I could see us living for a very long time.

“I love it,” I told David.

We made an offer the next day, and less than a month later, the papers were signed and the house became ours.


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  1. If I post this twice forgive me.
    Actually I think your affirmation worked spot on. You never specifically affirmed which house of your dreams though. Love the story.

    1. I think it did, too! Though it wasn’t as quick as I’m used to in some other cases. But all is well and WE LOVE OUR HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Definitely better than the other one, by far…

  2. Hmm, most of the time, that’s the way I expect LOA and affirmations to work: quit worrying and “it all works out in the end.” It has kept me from a lot of worry since my stroke.

  3. Hey Mollie —

    I especially liked this one BECAUSE it initially seemed things didn’t go your way. I’ve had that experience too many times to recount now . . . . surrendering to the flow and then to have it all work out later. I’m very slow at picking up these cues! (And learning to let go quickly.)

    Enjoy, you soon to be phenom Mom —


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