Law of attraction success story: “I met David”

true law of attraction story

David and I shortly after we met

Contributor: Mollie Player, author of several New Thought books including You’re Getting Closer: One Year of Finding God and a Few Good Friends.

Of the decade and a half that made up my entire adult life before I met David, I was single for at least the decade. That is a long time to wait for the best thing in your life.

Since I was a late bloomer, though, now, I’m glad I did wait so long. It meant I didn’t have to compromise a thing.

Anyway, during this time, I received a lot of advice about the best way to find a partner, and one of the things I heard the most was this: Don’t look. Don’t try.

Trying, after all, is desperate.

“You’ll only find him when you’re not looking,” my well-wishers told me earnestly. “Then one day he’ll just appear out of the blue and you’ll be in love.”

But, as I found out much, much later: They were wrong.

When I met my ex-husband, I was not looking for a partner. By that time, I had decided that I would be alone for the rest of my life, maybe, or maybe at least until I was forty. I would write, and read, and take long walks, and live in the house that I bought all by myself and that I loved. I would be independent.

I would follow their advice to a tee.

And, for a while, it was good. For several years, I was happier than I had ever been before. Then I met Jake–and it was all downhill from there.

Jake and I dated on and off for several years before getting married. By then, I was already out of college and I didn’t know if I’d ever meet anyone else more suitable to me. (Especially since, as I mentioned already, I wasn’t looking.) I prayed about our relationship and, eventually, I decided it was God’s will for us to be together. And so, we got married. Nine months later, we were divorced.

It was the best thing that ever happened to me.

After that, I decided not to be perfect anymore, or un-desperate, or to wait for God or fate or anything else that was out of my control. I decided to make myself happy. I decided to look for a partner.

I decided to try.

I signed up for some dating websites on the internet, and a few months later, I found David.

I was lucky, of course. It’s not always that easy to find the person you love. Still, though. I’m convinced that it isn’t the mystery it’s so often made out to be, either. It isn’t a movie, and this isn’t Hollywood, and there is no magic involved. And I’m glad about that, and you should be, too, because it means that everyone has a pretty good chance of getting what they want, because, just like with most things in life, the method is simple.

First, you decide what you want.

Then, you look for it.

It doesn’t get any better than that, or any simpler.

Mollie Player


Inspiration from the other side.

You’ve been on the spiritual path for a good while now. You’ve read the books. Maybe even met a guru or two. Sometimes, though, you need a different kind of inspiration. Inspiration from someone who knows how hard this inner peace stuff really is.

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  1. Thanks, Mollie. What I meant in my comment today was that I am no longer worried about getting married. I am not going out of my way to find someone because I am okay if it doesn’t happen. But, I see what you mean.

  2. How ironic! I was just asking girlfriends did they feel by letting go they would meet their dream man and settle down. They all said yes! I have had so many different outcomes from married friends over the years. Some wanted marriage really bad and it eventually happened, others werent looking and it happened. i’ve been affirming for the man of my dreams for years through prayer, affirmations, visualizations, affirmations and I constanty wonder do I have it all wrong because I am not even close. So I wonder, at any point did you give up and let go after a period of intense looking for a mate?

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