Law of attraction success story: “One of my friends got a job; the other didn’t”

true law of attraction story

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Contributor: Angel, who sends this law of attraction success story to us from Hong Kong.

I have two good friends who were both looking for jobs recently. Both were desperate and worried because the job hunting process had been quite stressful and long. So, when they asked for my advice, I told both of them about the law of attraction. I suggested that they be positive and happy instead of worrying all the time.

Well, this is what happened: Friend A listened to me and decided to remain positive and happy. Friend B, however, didn’t listen to me, and to this day is still negative about her future. Yesterday, Friend A told me that she just got a job offer from a really good company and she has a few more interviews this week, so now she may actually have to choose between the different offers she’ll get. On the other hand, Friend B has still had no success.

I think this proves once again that the law of attraction works the best when you are being positive.


Update: Friend A got three job offers and ended up landing her dream job! Yay for the law of attraction!


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