Law of Attraction Success Story: “I Am Pregnant”

true law of attraction story

My daughter Jane, born November 25, 2011

Contributor: Mollie Player

When my husband and I started trying to have a baby a few years back, we didn’t exactly have a hard time. Within three months, I was pregnant. However, that one didn’t last long, so soon after that, we started trying again. Though at the time I didn’t know anything about the law of attraction–the idea that one’s thoughts can actually create their reality–now that I look back on it, I think it had something to do with what happened next.

Here’s what happened: One morning, I woke up and (as I used to do religiously) stepped on the scale. Lo, and behold! The weight loss I’d expected from a recent diet had not occurred; I had, in fact, gained a little. As this was around the third month after the second pregnancy attempt, I made a very quick inference: It took this long to get pregnant last time, I thought. And this is the average amount of time it takes a fertile couple to conceive. 

Conclusion: I must be pregnant!

Later that day, I made the announcement to my husband. “Honey,” I said, “The scale was up today! I think it might have happened!”

Of course, being a wise and judicious gentleman, my husband didn’t believe me. But three weeks later, after missing my period, I took a test–and it showed the slightest hint of the pregnancy hormone–so slight that my husband still didn’t believe I had conceived.

“I told you!” I said two weeks later when I took it again and again, it was positive. “I told you over a month ago!”

When I went to the doctor a little while later, though, and after I got my ultrasound, she had a different opinion.

“The dates don’t line up with your missed period,” she said, “and the ultrasound confirms that the pregnancy happened two weeks later than you originally thought.”

Then, when the baby was born two weeks after the later due date, I knew it was true. I hadn’t been pregnant when I’d first, based on scant and unreliable evidence, thought. Instead, the pregnancy had occurred a week or two after I already believed I’d conceived.


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  1. My belief is that when it happened was the perfect time for it to occur. I have always found it to be this way. You may not know exactly why, but I have seen it too often to throw it away to chance.


  2. Beautiful post here! I’m a fellow spiritual writer and a law of attraction/abraham-hicks devotee. After reading many of your posts, I’ve nominated you for the the Very Inspiring Blogger award. This award was also given to me, and I’m paying it forward to sites that I believe deserve attention. Please see it here and pass it along to any other spiritual bloggers out there if you desire to do so. No obligations! With love, Melody


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