Law of Attraction Success Story: “Ten Years Apart, Then Suddenly, She Was There Again”

true law of attraction story

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Guest contributor: Bill Lowell of Here, he shares the story of how his wife set an intention and it came to be … even though she doesn’t typically deliberately practice the law of attraction.

After dating the wrong guys for several years, most of which did not get past a first date with her, my wife made a list of the qualities she wanted her future husband to have–and the ones she wanted him not to have, too. It was a suggestion by a friend.

About a week later, I contacted her.

Surprisingly, I had every one of the qualities she wrote down–and none of the bad ones.

I found her profile on the Yahoo dating site (which no longer exists, by the way!). You might be thinking that this sounds a bit strange, but actually, we had a history together already. We were friends in college but had lost touch about ten years prior. While in college we were both in relationships with other individuals, but those relationships quickly came to an end and we each had been looking all over for ten years for exactly the person we should have dated the first time we met!

Despite the long time we spent apart, I believe that there was a reason our lives played out the way they did. Sometimes we learn more from our mistakes than we do from our successes.

This was certainly the case with my wife and I. While we were alone and dating other people, we both learned what it takes to have a good relationship. We learned to respect our partner.

And we learned the incredible value of true love.

A lot of people think the law of attraction is a lot of B.S., and I think it’s true that a lot of B.S. can be found in this area (though no more than in any other area, really!). However, along with the nonsense, there is truth in it just as truth can be found in every science and in every religion. To me, the law of attraction simply means that if your heart is full of love, love will grow in your environment. It is a different way of saying that people will treat you as you treat them … so you’d do better to treat them well.

Just like having a business plan, having goals clear in your mind will make your path to them clearer, and that is exactly what happened with my wife and I.

I wish you success in all of your loving intentions and I thank you for hearing my story.


Bill Lowell 


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  1. Great story. I particularly love this part, Bill: “To me, the law of attraction simply means that if your heart is full of love, love will grow in your environment.” Congratulations on your happy love affair!


  2. Amazing story, Mollie!
    Shared on G+. I have the single BEST friend I’ve EVER had at the moment; and the funny thing is I used LoA and wasn’t even aware of it until about two years into the friendship. Another case of it working when I had no idea what it was.

    I made a list myself of what I was looking for. And one night when I was at her house I had a sudden epiphany:
    Oh MY GOD! I thought. I got what I asked for. It wasn’t what I wanted but it was what I asked for.

    Ya know that saying, Be careful what you ask for? I’m constantly reminded of that now. I wouldn’t have this friendship any other way now and I’m completely blessed that she is in my life.



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