Why Faith Works: Part One

Despite my somewhat iffy results with my recent decision to put the Law of Attraction to the test, I just want to say that I do believe that faith works.

And I believe it works so, so well.

And that’s what I want to write about today.

So – what do I mean by “faith works”? Well, I mean a lot of things. First, I mean that when you change yourself internally, your external circumstances are bound to change, too, right along with your insides.

And there’s more. In this post, which is Part Two of a series called “Why Faith Works,” I’m going to talk about another reason faith “works,” namely, it changes your expectations.

When I’m feeling really happy, I’m not expecting negativity from others. Instead, I’m expecting that everything will be fine, and no one will treat me poorly no matter what kind of mood they happen to be in.

I think differently about them, which causes them to pick up on that–and makes them treat me better.

We’ve all witnessed this at some point. You’re in the line at the supermarket and everyone seems bored or hurried. You, though, are smiling and feeling fine. Suddenly, you find that you’ve attracted a few extra smiles to yourself–and they seem like grateful ones, too.

When I was depressed, I saw depressed people everywhere. Now that I’m happy, I see happy people everywhere. It’s kind of like how when I was single, I saw bad guys everywhere, whereas now that I’m married I see only great ones.

Funny, isn’t it?

Faith does work. Try it, and see for yourself.


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  1. Ya know what? This post is spot on. As I’ve written at my own blog, learning about LoA has tremendously increased my faith. I think both go hand in hand.



    1. The LOA, to me, is just one of many practices that deepen/increase my faith and just keeps me more aware of the divine. It’s my opinion that if I can just be aware of the divine continuously, all will always be well.


  2. Oh, I, definitely, agree with your thought, Mollie. I, myself, would like to add that I believe that God gave the the ability to do just what you mention. I know that God is not always a great topic with people, so do know that I am talking about God not religion, not religious beliefs, but spiritual beliefs. It is those beliefs that lie at the very foundation of your being. That place where your spirit (read soul) knows so much more than we, in our conscious beings, do. Regardless, it works. And for those who are upset because I put us up there with God, think on this: wouldn’t one of the most efficient and intelligent things to do to help us take care of our lives be to give us the power to do it and God oversee the results? I, continually, hear the statement about teaching a man to fish being so much better than giving him one. So, why give us a miracle when He can give us the ability to make our own? It is not raising us up to God’s level; it is making God so much higher than us that He has no fear or problems with allowing us to rule our own lives and he oversees.


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