Law of attraction success story: “I won the film competition”

true law of attraction story

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Guest contributor: Law of attraction fan Saurabh of India

Well, my story goes like this. Every year, there is a youth festival that’s held in Goa. All the young people participate in different events and competitions. These competitions include a short film competition. I have always wanted to make a short film, so I thought this would be a great way to start.

I was very excited about it. Up until the day of the competition and the awards day, I would frequently imagine the feeling that I would have if I won first prize. When doubt or fear came into my mind, I deliberately pushed it away.

I wrote my screenplay ready well in advance and made the other arrangements, too. Then, on the day of the competition, we were given two hours to shoot the film and 30 minutes to edit it. As I had my plan ready, I finished the shooting in about 70-75 minutes. I then edited it (with the help of professional editors which the organizing committee had provided). The film was ready!

The next morning, the day of the judging, I was confident enough. After some introductory events, the judges arrived on the stage to announce the result. I made my way to the first row.

First, they announced the 3rd prize winner. It was not us. My friend looked at me with a questioning look. Next, they announced the 2nd prize winner, and again, it was not us. My friend looked at me with a “we have lost” look. I still had my ears towards the judges, though. Finally, they announced the 1st prize winners, and yes: it was US!!!! I jumped onto my feet and felt so, so, so, so happy!!!!!! One of my friends told me later that I’d had tears in my eyes!!!



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