Law of Attraction Success Story: “My Career is Back on Track”

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Guest contributor: Thumbelina, a believer in the law of attraction and a resident of India.

When I first started using the law of attraction, I had huge problems: My boyfriend dumped me for no good reason. My career path was so unclear that I was starting to worry I’d end up nowhere. And my family was upset with me constantly.

So, I turned to the law of attraction. For a while, each day I’d sit and wonder how the heck the law of attraction would work for me. Then, one day I realized something: I was missing a step. Instead of deciding what I wanted, then letting it happen, I was deciding what I wanted, then worrying about it all the time!

Shortly after realizing this, I started to relax more. After that, things started to happen very quickly and today I am so grateful because my entire book of dreams has almost come true …

I have my guy with me, completely stable on my terms …

I got into three top universities in the UK, and my parents are proud of me again. In fact, my family has never been more supportive in my life …

And in three months, I am leaving town for the biggest opportunity of my life: an internship in my country’s top ad agency!

For me, what made the difference was to just trust the universe and then … chill. You have nothing to lose and everything to win.



Inspiration from the other side.

You’ve been on the spiritual path for a good while now. You’ve read the books. Maybe even met a guru or two. Sometimes, though, you need a different kind of inspiration. Inspiration from someone who knows how hard this inner peace stuff really is.

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  1. It is so nice to keep seeing the same idea presented in different scenarios in this blog. It helps to remind me how to do it – KISS.
    I have a long list of affirmatives which I am reading out loud at least twice a day, sometimes more. I also try saying it just before going to sleep. I am definitely seeing positive changes in some of the affirmations and, of course, a lot of things may be happening with the others.


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