New book announcement: “Happiness is the Truth”

cover - happiness is the truth

A very brief deviation from our law of attraction stories today in order to announce my latest book. It’s called Happiness is the Truth: A Spiritual Manifesto, and it’s not what it sounds like.

Okay, so I don’t know WHAT it sounds like to you, but let me just say that coming up with a title for a book that is a very concise description of my entire spiritual philosophy is quite the challenge …

In any case, here’s what the book is all about: In under 100 pages, I give my personal take on what being spiritual means to me–and what it doesn’t. I talk about:

  • My long history as an Evangelical Christian and why I no longer subscribe to that belief system,
  • The experiences I’ve had that convinced me that a spiritual realm does exist,
  • The importance of religious individuality, and
  • How to choose a belief system and spiritual practices that work for you.

I sum up this little memoir by arguing that ultimate truth for you is whatever makes you truly happy and will help you accomplish your unique and perfect goals for this life on planet Earth.

Here are the chapter titles:

  1. Spirituality is good.
  2. Life is a game.
  3. There are no rules.
  4. Absolutes are fine. Certainty is not.
  5. People are holy.
  6. We have power.
  7. Happiness is the truth.

The book is available in printed or ebook form on here.

Also, just in case you wanted to buy the ebook version but don’t own a Kindle, you can download a desktop reader from Amazon for free.



    1. Thanks much, Linda! I do like the title as well. I almost called it ‘Life is a Game,” since that’s a main idea and chapter, but in the end, had to go with the happiness!

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