Law of Attraction Success Story: “I Make X Dollars Per Week,” Part Two


Contributor: Mollie Player

Several months ago, I said one of the most powerful affirmations I’ve ever said in my life. When I look back on it, I still can’t believe it really happened. You can read the story I wrote about that here. The affirmation I said was: “I make X dollars per week.”

Long(ish) story short: I got exactly what I asked for. I more than doubled my income–the same month I said the affirmation, then every month since.

Okay, so is it time to upgrade? I wondered after writing that post. Well, why not give it a try?

And so, only a month or so after saying that first affirmation, I did what I said that I was going to do and said the affirmation again–only this time, there was a difference: I changed the amount of “X” to an amount that was a little over twice the original amount.

Why did I choose that amount? No real reason. It just felt right. It was a round number. It was a very nice number. I liked it.

Now, let’s get one thing on the record: I did not believe that I would make this amount. It’s an amount that I have never earned before, and with a baby on the way, I didn’t see myself earning that much money for a decent amount of time. I do have faith–but I don’t expect anything to happen that’s not meant to happen, and I simply didn’t know if this was what the Universe wanted for me.

Well, as it turned out, it did.

The month after saying that affirmation, I tallied up my freelance writing earnings and was shocked to find that even though I’d been out of town for two weeks that month, I had earned my new goal amount each week, minus just five percent.

And since then? Well, it’s been one more month now, and so far, I’ve earned the total goal amount plus 30 percent every single week. And that amount holds even if I don’t get any additional projects or book sales this month; as long as my clients pay what they owe (which they always do), I will still will earn the total monthly goal amount plus 30 percent.

I really don’t know where to go from here … But I will keep you updated on whether or not this trend continues.


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  1. Hi Molly,

    Many years ago, I was pursuing an acting career in Los Angeles. I was lucky enough to find a small time agent who believed in the law of attraction. Mind you, this was before “The Secret” or Jerry and Ester Hicks. Anyway, she introduced me to this powerful principle, and instructed me on how to “attract” the acing jobs I wanted. So, I picked the most popular television show at that time and declared: “I want to be on Dynasty.” My second request: “I want to make enough money to be eligible for medical benefits through the Screen Actors Guild.”

    First, I had an opportunity to meet the casting director for Dynasty. I actually got dressed in my most fabulously glamorous outfit and went to the meeting not really expecting anything to come of it. There is one thing I should mention here: At the time, Dynasty did not have any Black actors on the show. So for me to even think I would get on the show was pretty far fetched, however, I didn’t walk around thinking I would not get on the show. Instead, my only thought was that I wanted to be on the show.

    Shortly after meeting the casting director, they contacted my agent to see if I was available for a small part on the show. A few days later, I was in a scene with Ali McGraw, Linda Evans and John Forsythe, and my day rate of pay tripled which made me eligible for medical benefits.

    It was years later when I made the connection between what I asked for and what I manifested. I often wonder what would have happened if I asked for more. But the trick with the law of attraction is to ask for what you believe you can receive. If your thoughts are not a “vibrational match” with your desire, you delay or even block the manifestation.

    Reading your post reminded me of my little miracle.


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