Life Hack for Getting Suddenly Awesome: Be Awesome


Just a short thought for the day today …

A friend and I were hanging out the other day just watching a perfect, beautiful sunset and drinking coffee when sort of out of the blue she said, “Can I just say how awesome this is? Our lives are just freaking awesome.”

“I agree,” I said.

“We are awesome at life,” she added.

Then we were quiet for a while.

It was a great moment.

So: my happiness tip for the day: Be awesome.

Rock so, so much harder than you think is possible.

Do the things that you never knew you could do and appreciate all the rest—even if it’s just watching a sunset and talking and drinking coffee.

Take the time to really live. Take the time to be awesome.


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  1. There are many things I appreciate now that I really didn’t before the stroke. I am very happy with me now, but my one regret (I don’t truly believe in those, but) is that I wish I would have appreciated those same things before the stroke. Doubt I would have had one then. But, God uses it all, so, no regrets, just happy and moving on.


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