Spiritual Practice Success Story: “I am a happy person”


Guest contributor: Law of attraction advocate Kristin Sam

This blog post is about how I learned to accept myself.

Not very long ago, I suffered from depression. “Why?” I always asked myself. I asked this every day. “I have such a good life, why am I so sad?”

But, as I know now, there is no why. There is only how.

So, one day, I decided to ask the question this way instead: “I have such a good life. How did I get this sad?”

Well, the answer was: I didn’t try not to be.

I thought I was trying, but I also thought I had enough good excuses not to try hard enough. Excuses like:

“I’m too busy.”

“I’m sick.”

“I take prescribed medication and see a physician. What more can I do?”

These, and oh!–so much more!

Realizing this, last week, I decided to try harder. As I hard as I possibly could. And in seven short days, as I sit here now, typing these words, I am a happy person. My smile shines as bright as this beautiful Florida sun. My heart beats strong with love, pride, and gratitude. My voice echoes thoughts of joy and sincerity. My deeds reflect my true desire to be healthy and successful.

In seven short days, I have begun the process of starting a business. I have applied to university to earn a baccalaureate. I have constructed a daily routine that alters my foggy view of the day at hand into a gloriously paved road that nothing in this world can deter me from.

I am a better person. I am a better friend. I am a better student. I am a better wife.

I am devoted. I am determined. I am cheerful. I am confident.

I have control over my thoughts. I have control over my emotions.

I have pleasurable intent. I have joyful experiences.

I am opening up, and sharing my true being with the world.



Inspiration from the other side.

You’ve been on the spiritual path for a good while now. You’ve read the books. Maybe even met a guru or two. Sometimes, though, you need a different kind of inspiration. Inspiration from someone who knows how hard this inner peace stuff really is.

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